Once upon a time, there was a space where joyful animals lived freedly with their families and their friends. A space where humans could go to meet them... The artist chooses to tell a story as in a tale. She questions us about our relationship with animals, as a sensitive beings. Which place do we propose to them on a planet we share with these beautiful creatures ?

The artist creates her Happy Animals with tenderness, appealing as much to her imagination as to an observation of their peculiarities; What matters to her is not reality, but to provoke an impression of joy and complicity.


She draws her inspiration from her childhood memories and especially from a grandmother's house and atlantic hollidays

The original sculpture of Happy ! Animal is made of traditional ceramics.  Then printed from 4 to 8 bronze copies with a unique coloured patina for each copy. 

As we live on a planet where space is not infinite and where copper and tin resources are limited, the artist commits to create 30 works for limited reproductions in bronze.
Currently the artist is studying other natural materials, bio-degradable and non-polluting.